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Quiztones Ear Training for EQ

Music & Audio
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★ Based on the 5-star app previously only available for Mac & iOS - ★Quiztones is a frequency ear training app for amateur and professional audio engineers, producers, and musicians. Quiztones uses tones and frequency-altered noise and musical loops to train your ears and help develop more acute listening and frequency recognition skills.Quiztones will... • Sharpen your ears & frequency recognition skills • Improve your mixing and EQ chops • Prevent noise and frequency buildup in your mixes & recordings • Eliminate the need to sweep for frequencies 
Quiztones cleverly uses quizzes to engage users in training exercises. Quizzes included in version 1:
• Sine Waves• Pink Noise• Piano• Drums• Bass• Electric Guitar• Acoustic Guitar
---** If you have any issues with Quiztones, please cancel your order within 15 minutes and shoot us in email with your device details so we can look into it! **
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For over 30 quizzes, 1/3-octave EQ quizzes, source material from your music library, gain quizzes and more, check out Quiztones for Mac & iOS at